Here at Articulat, we try to integrate live chat into our clients’ websites. A live chat will enable the owners of the website to communicate live with any clients who may have queries. This is especially useful if the website has an e-commerce section. On the spot troubleshooting and responding to queries can make a huge difference to the web visitors’ experience on the website.

There are many platforms that can be used. One of the platforms that we use in Articulat is


Setting up on your desktop

Once the website is live, we will send you, the website owner, an email to sign up.

First, go to on your desktop. Click the signup button at the top right-hand corner of the page.


Make sure the email address that you got the invite from is the same as the email given during the sign up.


Next, go to on your desktop.



To see visitors on your website, click on the monitoring tab.


Setting up on your mobile phone


Download on Google Play Store or the App Store
, just like any live messaging applications, works best with Android phones. This is because on Android phones, you can change



After downloading, open the app on your phone and you will be connected to your account.

If you would like to receive a beep whenever a visitor steps into your website, check the boxes under VISITOR PRESENCE NOTIFICATION. Please note that this function is only available on Android phones. iOS powered phones do not have this function. It is the way iOS was set up to handle notifications. So just about every iOS online chat app has this limitation.


If you are a client of Articulat’s and are having issues with the setup, please inform us at [email protected]