Mobile phone penetration rate is high in Singapore. This makes SMS marketing an effective tool in a business’ digital marketing mix. Coupled with the frequency mobile phone users check their phones for personal or business use, SMS is most certainly a channel for businesses to connect with consumers.

According to The Digital Consumer View 2016 reported by Experian and IDC, SMS is one of the preferred digital communications channel across APAC. In fact, SMS comes just after email and social media. This shows that SMS plays an important role in a business’ digital marketing strategy. And no business can afford to rely on a single marketing channel to succeed.

The following are advantages of SMS marketing:


Delivered in real-time

SMS messages are sent out almost instantaneously. This means that thousands of mobile phones users can be informed of your business with the click of a button. More importantly, there is no lag time. For businesses, this means shorter lead time when informing consumers of a particular time-limited deal.


Targeted consumer reach

SMS marketing is a digital marketing channel that allows businesses to reach out to a niche audience. Property agents can notify existing private property owners of a new condominium listing or launch. Bakeries, florists, laundry shops or restaurants can send attractive deals and promotional messages to consumers living in the neighbourhood. This means that your message will reach consumers who will actually peruse your services.


Lower cost

Consider the time and cost involved in designing and printing brochures. Or the resources required in print advertising. Compared to traditional marketing methods, SMS marketing is a much cheaper alternative. In fact, SMS marketing has become an easy and cost-efficient way to reach out to as many consumers as desired.

Owing to the limited amount of text space (160 characters) available in SMS messages, businesses have to deliver to-the-point messages. And often simplicity is what consumers want. In an information-laden digital age, many consumers want quick and concise information on the go. For businesses, this means that there is no need to engage a graphic designer to come up with fancy designs or a copywriter to create flowery content.

Instead, you will need succinct messages to promote your business’ products or services. Better still, include a call to action with an attractive perk and the message is good to go. For example, share a promotional code that consumers can use at your store or website.


Provides tracking

Businesses need to act on consumer behaviours to stay ahead. With SMS marketing, businesses can track responses from consumers. This provides an avenue where businesses can obtain measurable information on consumer trends. It allows businesses to analyse and better understand latest consumer behaviour. This helps them to fine-tune their marketing campaigns moving forward.




If used correctly, businesses can harness the advantages of cost-effective SMS messages to achieve a high return on investment on a limited marketing budget. In Singapore, where social media and emails are highly-effective in reaching out to and converting consumers, SMS can be one of multiple digital touch points for higher conversion.


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