These days, if your business is not on Google or Facebook, then your business is not operating at its full potential. Understanding how Google and social media platforms like Facebook operate will give your company an edge in an ever crowded online space.


1) Facebook Ads overview
Learn about Facebook advertising trends and opportunities

2) Facebook Pixel
– Understanding Facebook Pixel
– Learn how to install Facebook Pixel on your website
– Learn how to use Facebook Pixel to track conversions

3) Set up your Facebook Ad campaign
– Define your marketing goals
– Create an effective Facebook Ad campaign for your marketing goals

4) Showing your Facebook Ads on Facebook and Instagram
– Learn about selecting your audience in Facebook Ads Manager

5) Determine your budget and timeframe
– Choose the right bidding strategy for your marketing goals.

6) Manage your Facebook Ad Campaign
– Use the right tools and features to run your Facebook Ad Campaigns effectively and efficiently.
– Learn to use A-B testing effectively

7) Measure your Facebook Ad Campaign data
– Get the data that you need to track your campaign performance.
– Learn how to retarget clients effectively
– Learn how to understand Pixel data that is collected

8) Monitor your Facebook Ad Campaign
– Create and understand Facebook Ad reports for your future campaigns.

9) Optimise your Facebook Ad Campaign
– Get strategic advice to help you make the most of your campaign



1) Digital Analytics Fundamentals
– Learn core principles of digital analytics
– Learn to build a useful measurement plan for your business
– Learn to create a Google Analytics account

2) Google Analytics Platform Principles
– Learn how the components of the Google Analytics Platform Work together to collect and organise the business data that you need for reporting and analysis

3) Ecommerce Analytics
Discover useful reporting and analysis techniques to help your ecommerce business make informed decisions using Google Analytics data.

4) Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals
Learn how Google Analytics data can help you make your app more discoverable and more profitable


1) Search advertising overview
Learn about search advertising trends and opportunities

2) Set up your search network campaign
– Define your marketing goals
– Create an effective search campaign for your marketing goals

3) Showing your advertisements on Google Search
– Learn about keywords and targeting on the Google Search Network

4) Determine your bid and budget
– Choose the right bidding strategy for your marketing goals.

5) Manage your Search Campaign
– Use the right tools and features to run your Google Search Campaign effectively and efficiently.

6) Measure your Search Campaign data
– Get the data that you need to track your campaign performance.

7) Monitor your Search Campaign
– Create and understand Adwords reports for your search campaigns.


1) Domain purchase and setting up of web hosting
Learn about the differences in hosting to take charge of your own website.

2) Installation of content management system on web hosting
Learn to install WordPress or Joomla as well as other applications on your web hosting.

3) Installation of themes and plug ins
Learn about the various tools that will help you to build your website and also about how to select effective and safe plug ins to add functionality to your website.

4) Proper structure
– Learn how to structure your website for easy visibility for your customers.
– Learn how a good structure will enable your website to be found easily by search engines.

5) Linking your website to Google
– Learn how to submit your site map to Google.
– Learn how to efficiently use the Google Search Console.

6) Making your website responsive
Learn how to make your website look good on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

7) Inserting social media functionality
Learn how to link your site to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Google+.

8) Build a contact form and list builder
Learn to collect responses from your clients as well as integrate list building applications to the functionality of your website.

9) Secure your site
Learn to protect your site from malicious codes and cyber attacks.

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